Netto: Mosquito Net (bed net) Manufacturer / Exporter from Thailand

Updated: 16/01/2024

Circular mosquito net / Circle mosquito net TWIN BELL quality brand from Netto.

Georgia fabric uniqueness of Netto

Georgia Fabric (JJ) possesses light, soft net structure, offering a clear, airy feel while allowing excellent airflow and does not collect heat within. It is loomed in modern machinery unique to Netto.

Product description of TWIN BELL

Poly fabric roof : Beautifully patterned poly fabric roof.

TWIN BELL : Poly fabric roof

  • Roof: Attractive patterned poly fabric.
  • Poly fabric roof: Dust prevention and light filtering.
  • Circular mosquito net with Georgia Fabric (JJ).
  • Excellent ventilation. Dry quickly. Perfume-scented.
  • Great at blocking off small mosquitos and other bugs.
  • Available from 1-person to 2-person sizes and 4 colors.
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